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Ningbo Fuerd Machinery co.,ltd is an OEM service provider for mechanical components, and is expert in die, investment and sand casting. Our products are widely used in automobile, medical, lighting, petroleum and electric industries.
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Low pressure die casting using for heat treatment aluminum casting parts. And the sanding core can be applied inside in pouring process.

The raw material have A356-T6, 6061-T6, 6063-T6, ADC12, A380 etc. The casting cost will be 60% higher than high pressure die casting part, but low pressure aluminum casting part can be very complex core insisted of casting parts.

There have four kinds of low pressure die casting is low pressure die casting, gravity casting, sand casting and investment casting.
Gravity casting
Gravity Die Casting is named permanent mold casting or chill casting

The weight range from 30g to 100kg/pcs, all thickness of parts must meet above 3mm, the draft angles must meet 1º to 3º on outside surface, 2º to 5º on inside surface.

Sand casting included resin sand casting, clay-bonded sand casting, and precoated sand casting services, including sand molding - melting - casting - clear sand - to clean up pouring riser, testing.

Low pressure die casting can reach thinner wall thickness probably 1mm or less.

Ningbo Fuerd OEM all the aluminum casting for different design and usage, function to save cost and creating values for the customers..

6061 Gravity Casting                                                  Aluminium Sand Casting                                            Aluminum Sand Casting

Gravity Casting Part                                                    Gravity Casting Tooling                                               Low Press Casting

Copper Sand Casting                                                Resin Sand Casting                                                  Sand Casting

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